Move Beyond An Equality or Compliance Measure

Demographic Diversity + Diversity of Thinking x Genuine Inclusion = Access to New Frontiers

Equality & Inclusion:  honest yet safe storytelling, listening, conversations and ideation are critical for moving beyond programs and the mask of CSR metrics.  We get your team involved and engaged – early stakeholder involvement and input from the field to executives significantly impacts the effectiveness of change implementation

“Research shows that diversity of thinking is a wellspring of creativity, enhancing innovation by about 20 percent. It also enables groups to spot risks, reducing these by up to 30 percent. And it smooths the implementation of decisions by creating buy-in and trust” (Source – Deloitte Insights)

Equality & Inclusion Offerings Catalog

Mode/Type: Consulting/Workshop


  • Working with your organisations leadership to deeply explore the organisational DNA (Purpose & Culture) – Link to practical strategies

Mode/Type: Consulting / Workshop / Offsite


  • Hack & innovate to solutions and answers previously not considered – In an inclusion context we explore the commercial value of diversity & inclusion

Mode/Type:  Consulting / Workshop / Offsite


  • From ‘What’, ‘Why’ and the strategic level ‘How’ to designing the right program/s that advance your organisational inclusion culture & objectives

Mode/Type:  Consulting / Workshop


  • Determine an effective implementation timeline, with realistic leading and lagging indicators of progress and success – Finalise Strategy 

Mode/Type:  Consulting


  • Design interventions along an employee journey to support defined organisational and culture change objectives